Managing agents’ motivation is challenging and not easy! For this reason, it is essential to concentrate on employee’s performance and engagement when growing your business. Your team is more likely to remain around and feel involved in the success of your company if they feel inspired and connected. Gamification helps you with this, and we’re here to give you some tips!

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Gamification in Contact Centers

Your employees deal with high call volume, pressure to deliver exceptional customer service, and demanding customers. The agents’ motivation is frequently put to the test, and the extended absence of stimuli can lead to agent churn and unsuccessful campaigns.

It’s not the first time we talk about Gamification and its benefits in a Contact Center. With Gamification strategies, you can encourage and enhance employees’ satisfaction while achieving an enhanced workplace culture.

Today, we’re here to give you some tips on how to improve these techniques!

Gamification tips to boost employees’ satisfaction

1. Set clear goals knowing what drives your staff

Before implementing gamification techniques, make sure you establish clear goals. These must be discussed with your call center team in order to understand the agents’ motivations. What pushes your agents to do their utmost effort? Does the team as a whole need to focus on any specific goals, such as FCR (First Contact Resolution) or addressing a certain number of cases each day?

Designing effective gamification techniques with a clear aim requires understanding motivational variables and creating specific targets.

2. Encourage team spirit through healthy competition

Gamification is a fun and effective method for promoting healthy competition among peers. For example, a great method to inspire your staff is to hold a contest where employees compete with one another to see who can get the best KPI score for different metrics! This competition must be driven by a fun team environment and a shared desire to succeed!

It’s important to ensure that everyone is having fun and that nobody is dragging anybody else down since healthy competition may bring out the best in individuals, but it can also bring out some undesirable working practices.

3. Give special and meaningful rewards to your agents

Keep it simple and do not complicate the awarding of rewards. Small coffee shop gift cards or additional breaks are acceptable for daily rewards. As an alternative, you may implement a points system that allows your employees to accumulate points for successfully completing tasks and “buy” bigger prizes. All these rewards are effective for fostering a sense of unity and raising agents’ motivation.

4. Get together with your team: what have you learned?

After the final game, it is time to gather everyone and consider what has been learned. For even greater motivation and success of the contact center, encourage staff to share their best practices and offer comments on how gamification tactics may be enhanced!

Gamification infuses the call center with vitality, focus, and motivation, enabling operators to deliver better customer service while feeling more confident! Remember that having your customer service agents happy equals a stronger brand!

How Collab can help you

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